EnergyGO (Coordinator)

EnergyGO works on a flexible and sustainable energy system based on renewable energy sources as a knowledge and data driven IT partner for the energy transition in the built environment. The knowledge she gains by facilitating innovation trajectories are coupled to intelligent data analysis and visualisations.

EnergyGO has expertise with social embedding of innovative methods and technologies. She combines her knowledge of energy technology, human behaviour and business modelling in research, consultancy, process management and product development, with a focus on integral regional approach.


TU Delft

Delft University of Technology

De section Climate Design of the Faculty of Building Engineering, performs research in the area of building physics and sustainable energy concepts, at building and regional scale, where integration of these scales are an important factor.

Experience in these areas and methodolgies, which have been developed in this section to reach an optimal use of available energy sources (in particular the "energy potential mapping" and exergy approach), are added value to this project.



Tri-Es Consultancy (Mijnwater)

Mijnwater ("Mine water") has an operationl cold heating grid in the city of Heerlen (Netherlands), where in four clusters, a total of 150,000 m2 of buildings are heated and cooled. The company is in full ownership of the city of Heerlen and the exploitation is exclusivly given to Tri-Es Consultancy.

Mijnwater currently develops the industriale cluster D, for which fincial support was given by Interreg HEATNET NWE and EFRO OPZuid. In this cluster, industrial residual heat at low temperatures (30-60 °C) are available. Mijnwater will research and demonstrates how this residual heat can be used for heating of houses, offices, hotels and supermarkets.



Stichting Stadslab Buiksloterham

The Stichting Stadslab Buiksloterham aims to realise a circulair economy mixed living and working area of the district Buiksloterham in Amsterdam. The district Buiksloterham is currently one of the largest building locations in Amsterdam (about 100 ha), where at least 4,500 new buildings will arise. The ambition is to reach a closure of resource cycles at the lowest possible level.

The Stichting Stadslab acts as an accelerator of the circulair developments in the area, in cooperation with 24 participants of the Manifest Circulair Buiksloterham: social housing corporations, the municipality of Amsterdam, utility and grid companies, architects, but also local developers and constructors.


Involved stakeholders